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Creamy, nourishing goodness for lips! The best lip balm you'll ever try!

Custom crafted specifically for our dry, cold Canadian climate, this is the best balm around!

Infused with skin-soothing Tanglewood grown herbal calendula. Lip-loving coconut oil, shea butter, and local forest beeswax round out the rich, nourishing ingredients

Fun, unique short chunky size

Eco-friendly, non-toxic paper packaging

3 Flavours

Earthy Mint ~with refreshing peppermint and spearmint essential oils

Lively Cinnamon ~with sweet, rich cinnamon essential oil

Lovely Lavender ~with soothing lavender, wild geranium, and sweet orange essential oils

Ingredients (certified organic*): raw coconut oil*, raw shea butter*, local boreal beeswax (gmo and canola-free), calendula*, essential oils* (stated above), vitamin E*

Tanglewood Lip Balm

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