Enjoy a fresh and fragrant bouquet of peonies available only June 22nd to June 24th Delivery or pick up available.


Bouquets available in 6 stem, 10 stem, and 14 stem options.  Each are hand-tied with fresh greens.


6 stem: $65.00

10 stem: $85.00

14 stem: $105.00



Peony Bouquet

  • Peony Care

    On Arrival:

    1. Remove packaging immediately.

    2. Cut approx 1 in off of stems, on an angle with a sharp knife or pruning shears.

    3. Place in a clean vase with warm water.


    Care Tips:

    1. If your peonies look dehydrated, submerge the entire bloom (including the flower and stem) horizontally in warm water for one hour.  This will revive the flowers to their natural fluffy state.  Be sure to cut stems again before place back into vase.

    2.  Change water every other day.

    3.  Your blooms should last 3-5 days (this is the normal vase life span for peonies).



    1.  Placing your flowers in direct sunlight, near fruit, or in areas that have drafts.

    2.  Over handling may cause flowers to bruise and/or spot.  Try not to touch the delicate blooms.