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Why The Yellow Button?

Our oldest son is a Wilm's Tumor survivor.  He was diagnosed when he was 18 months old.  Ko went through weeks of chemotherapy, a twelve hour surgery to remove one entire kidney and a third of the other.  We were in the hospital for 33 nights after surgery - 10 days of which were spent in the PICU.  We were released December 23rd 2017,  and I remember how nervous we were to bring Kohan home for the first time in over a month.  My husband and I will never forget all of the efforts that were made by all of the beautiful staff and volunteers leading up to Christmas Day.  The Alberta Children's Hospital goes above and beyond to bring the Christmas Spirit to those so desperately wanting to be home with their loved ones.  Kohan is my why for having first created these Grinch Trees and launched them to all of you with the mission to spread Christmas cheer with those who need it most. We were blessed to have been the recipients of so many wonderful Christmas surprises while we were fighting through each day one minute at a time - So it has become our family mission to partner with other wonderful people and be the givers of this love instead of the receivers.

On every grinch tree that leaves our workshop, you will find a yellow button attached.  This simple yellow button signifies the contribution each tree provides for the MANY toys and gifts that we purchase for all of the children spending Christmas at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

As you wander through the city, be on the lookout for other small businesses with these trees on display, and recognize that each one plays a significant role in our mission to surprise these little warriors with some Christmas spirit and lots of love!

grinch tree 2020 donation.jpg
2021 grinch tree toy donation.JPG
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