Blessing Blossoms Floral Studio

Local Airdrie Florist

Spreading happiness one petal at a time.

"Flowers are the music of the ground.  From earth's lips spoken without a sound."
                            - Edwin Curran
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Enjoy a new way to drink Tea! 

Tea Drops are organic herbs pressed into whimsical shapes.  Simply add hot water and stir!

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Our Pop Up Bouquet is delivered once per month.  It is designed with fresh, seasonal blooms that are sure to brighten up your day (or a friends!).  Delivery is FREE within Airdrie!

Why Blessing Blossoms?

The mission behind Blessing Blossoms is to spread happiness through my passion of designing flowers.  To provide a moment in time to stop - to appreciate the here and the now. A moment to serve as a reminder of hope, faith, peace, perseverance, love - the list is endless. My hope for this company is to spread blessings,  joy and love to others - because at the end of every day - this is all we need.

Check out or program, Petals Of Hope for an opportunity to nominate a deserving Airdrie resident with a FREE bouquet delivered to their door!

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Who else loves Ranunculus as much as I d
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